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29 August

I was Miss Fix-It

“I’ll be right there.”

The Lord has crossed my path across those of countless women. One characteristic we all have in common is wanting to fix things. We do everything we can to keep our homes or offices running smoothly. It’s our fondest hope for those around us to get along so we oversee their lives. Some of us even work on appliances and vehicles that won’t run.

We come by that trait honestly. After all, God created woman to benefit the man who was alone. They made a team until Genesis 3 happened and the Fall damaged every aspect of creation. Who could blame us if we get carried away? Sometimes especially when we minister.

“I can take care of that for you.”

The idea never crossed my pastor’s wife mind. It’s been six years since my time in direct ministry, and I served from the pews for ten years before Curt was ordained. Regular attendance is reacquainting me with the other side of the pulpit, so to speak. And there’s a fresh perspective dawning that bears consideration.

It seems that during the time I lived with the Lord’s servant, I have forgotten a detail or two. At least that possibility struck me in a phone conversation. Jane* is a dear friend who’s a seasoned pastor’s wife. We were catching up on each other’s lives when she asked if Curt was still in Maine. When I said he was, she asked how we were doing. I assured her we were fine except for him finding a job.

Jane spent the next twenty minutes giving suggestion after suggestion of what Curt could do, should do to join me. At first I tried to explain why some of her ideas weren’t feasible, but it didn’t slow her down. It was when she started quoting Scripture and implying we were in sin because we weren’t together that I paused the conversation.

“Are you sure there isn’t anything else I can do?”

I explained our surprise over the delay and our confidence that God had a plan. Our conversation ended shortly thereafter. I can’t help but turn back the clock and wonder if I respond in similar ways. Do I evaluate anyone’s situation without knowing all the facts, and judge them? Do I find anyone’s circumstances uncomfortable and try to get them to match my preference so my feelings can settle? I have to say, “Probably.”

With a humble and contrite heart, I put Miss Fix-it out of her misery. I’m grateful for the security of His forgiveness, but my confession feels a bit paltry. Now I ponder much longer with the Lord before opening my mouth. I pray my repentance brings glory to His Name.

Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, for through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death. Romans 8:1-2 NIV1984

*name and nuances changed for privacy

About the Author:
Sandra Allen Lovelace is a continuing missionary, a pastor’s wife emeritus, and a homeschool pioneer. She’s a well-respected speaker and author known for her candor and warmth. Sandra’s current manuscript invites wallflower women to enjoy the life God created them to live. She enjoys hiking with a camera in her hand, best done on an international adventure. Sandra and her husband Curt are transitioning to South Carolina.

Get to know Sandra at her website, http://sandraallenlovelace.com/

You can also connect with Sandra on Facebook. If you contact her at Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+ she’ll be delighted by a reason to practice.

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