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Help & Resources

Observations of the American Pastor Couple 

(A guest post from Rita Hanon of Broomtree Ministries.)

Those Few Sheep -- Pastors' Wives in Small Churches 

("All the people who Jesus Christ poured his life into during his earthly ministry could fit into a row boat." plus more encouragements for pastors' wives in small churches...)

Tax Resources for Pastors' Families
(Resources from the web, along with recommendations from other pastors' wives.)

Ask a PW:

A Pastor's Wife Asks: Moving Cross Country? 

(Advice on combating loneliness and how/when to get involved with the new church.)

A Pastor's Wife Asks: Square Peg, Round Hole?

(Advice for when you feel like you just don't fit in.)

The Last Pastor/PW Weren't As Bad As You Think
("I've come to appreciate greatly the people who have nothing bad to say about the last guy; because I know that someday, they'll pay us the same courtesy.")

 Bad Advice from the Pastor's Wife: "God Will Fix It," I Said
(Have you ever given someone advice and regretted it later?)


Pastor's Wife Devotional Posts:


 God Shows Up Right in the Middle of the Ugly
(Just as tax collectors are exacting their brutality, He calls out and says, "Mary!")

Monday Morning Hideout
(Can we really hide from God?) 

(Poem of encouragement. The story's not over yet!)

 Holy Week
(Praying for My Church before Easter, plus new & old Holy Week Meditations from other Pastors' Wives.)


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