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22 August

How to be a true helper

I made two batches of chili today.  Not because I planned to make two batches, but rather it was because whenever you try to accomplish something that involves a 3 year old ‘helping’ there is bound to be a redo at times!   

My youngest daughter Rachel loves to help me cook.  Today was no exception, however as I was making the chili every time I turned my back Rachel would quickly add something of her own initiative.  As I reached to get the chili powder, she would add in a dash of oregano.  If I turned to get a utensil, in went some onion peels or some other random item that had no business being in chili.  Although I know she was trying to be a big girl helping her mommy cook, none of what she did on her own helped to achieve the end result we were aiming for.  If anything, her attempts to help were only slowing down the process.  

With my garlic, celery and onions sautéing on the stove, Rachel’s constant attempts to ‘help’ distracted me long enough to completely burn the big pot of simmering goodness that was on the stove with no hope of recovering it.  While dumping my first pot of chili in the garbage, I wondered if my own attempts to ‘help’ God ever got in the way like that?  What should have taken a short time to do, took a lot longer to accomplish because Rachel simply would not obey my instructions.  

Although I had the recipe in plain sight because Rachel could not read she had no idea what was to come next.  Similarly, we can not know what the big picture of God’s plan is.  Even though Rachel could not read the recipe, I still enjoyed having her by my side helping me to achieve our task.  It was her persistence in trying to follow her own agenda that kept getting in the way.  If she had been willing to wait until the proper time to add a new ingredient as I instructed her to, then her help would have been an invaluable contribution to one tasty chili!

Today, I was once again reminded of the importance of letting go of my own agenda and to stop trying to ‘add’ in my own random items to God’s already perfect plan.  If I can slow myself down long enough to wait and listen for God’s instruction and be willing to obey them, that is when I am truly being a mighty helper of God.  

About the Author:

Tracy  Birtch currently lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia and is mom to Crystal, Jamie, and Rachel and a Pastors wife to Aaron.  Six years ago they planted a church which was an incredible adventure that brought them both some wonderful high and painful low experiences.  From this, Tracy has developed a heart to see the emotional wounds of others experience the full healing that God can bring. 

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