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13 February

Delight Your Soul Today


Alyssa balled up the empty grocery bags and stuffed them through the swinging cover of the red wastebasket. She plopped into the captain’s chair at the head of her kitchen table. The plaid cushion absorbed the assault. Head tipped back, a groan escaped.

She pulled the paperback Bible to her and opened the concordance. Her friend’s words led her search until she found the reference, Psalm 37:4. Delight yourself in the LORD; and He will give you the desires of your heart.* Her back rounded into the chair rungs. “Could I be wrong?” she whispered as she reviewed their conversation.

Gayle had challenged her to rethink her relationship with God as more than a barter system—if you want what you want, be happy in Jesus. Gayle pointed out that David’s opening words said not to fret and offered instructions on how to avoid worry and envy. He directed God’s people to delight, fill up with great pleasure and joy, in our God if we want to conquer anxiety.

Alyssa wondered how to pull off delight on demand. How was she supposed to be cheery, never mind full of delight, when situational and emotional storm fronts drifted across her path?

Gayle suggested she wrap herself in worship, go to the LORD in humble reverence. She said when she united her heart with Him, His presence brought gladness, contentment, peace, and fulfillment every time. Then she shared two types of worship experiences she practiced to maintain the joy of the LORD that was her strength.**

Worship with Others

The corporate worship setting is a glorious opportunity to come before God with our brothers and sisters. To join our hearts and minds, spirits and voices in reverence and exultation for who He is and all He’s done. We grow together as a community through the proclamation of His Word and fellowship around His table.

But she said sometimes, a steady diet of only group interactions, though they’re rich and full, can weaken our individual connection with God. Even a banquet can become unhealthy, if we indulge at every meal. Right?

Worship by Ourselves

Whether with a Bible and cup of tea in a cozy chair or hiking boots and a backpack on a mountain trail, the times we meet with God on our own feed us in a different sense. We’re able to concentrate on who our Father is and how He sees us personally. His individual attention and our intimate responses blossom in this unique interaction.  

Gayle explained it was tempting to substitute alone time for meeting together. And yet, the Father warns us about that habit.*** The trick is to find the balance. For most of us, the corporate experience is set in a once a week routine. It’s the one-on-one delighting we miss—extended, focused, intentional worship … an oversight easy to remedy.

Have you soaked in the delight of the LORD lately?
If not, purpose and plan to do so. He’s missing you.

**Nehemiah 8:10
***Hebrews 10:25

About the Author: 
Sandra Allen Lovelace is a continuing missionary, a pastor’s wife emeritus, and a homeschool pioneer. She’s an award-winning speaker and author, and a sought-after mentor. Sandra’s a member of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, and her current manuscript is Wallflower Women: How to Start Living the Life God Designed You For. She enjoys hiking with a camera in her hand, best done on an international adventure. Sandra and her husband Curt are transitioning to South Carolina.

Get to know Sandra at her website, http://sandraallenlovelace.com/
You can also connect with Sandra on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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