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18 September

It's Time to Re-Launch our PastorsWives Ministry!

  The day has come! September 19th has been circled on our calendars for months. It's finally here, and we are over-the-moon excited!

For what, you might ask? Well, for many, many years there had been this really neat message board and website for pastors' wives. How exciting it was over the years as one by one we each found it. Wow! Someone who knows me. Someone who gets me!

For a while, it thrived. Then it ebbed and flowed. We lost members when the software had a necessary but confusing upgrade. Others were widowed, and still others left vocational ministry. Life happened. Facebook happened. But through it all, some of us have always been there ready to lend a shoulder or a listening ear.

Until one day in early June someone asked, "Where is everybody?"

So we prayed. We talked. And we decided that despite all other social media, our message forum for pastors' wives is still a valuable ministry.

So we prayed some more and put our heads together. We decided on a re-launch week (September 19th-26th).

I cleaned, organized, and simplified. I paid to make the forum ad-free. We decided that if everyone who would love to see our message board thrive again would show up at the same time with things to discuss, we'd have the energy and critical mass to get things going again.

So, here we are. Showing up! Won't you join us? 

To register, use the above link or click here.

And please, connect with us. The message board re-launch is just the beginning!

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