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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pastor's Wife in Training (Plus WITB Coupon)

Do you ever wish there had been a class or something for pastors' wives? (No, I'm not talking about the satirical fake class featured in fictional Lark News!)

I look at my pastor husband. Besides his 500-hour seminary degree (hyperbole alert), he's also had specific training in substance abuse counseling, and the experience benefit from a chaplain internship at a mental health facility.

Me? Not so much.

I'm just me. I read my Bible. I pray. I commune. Sure, some nuggets of wisdom may rub off on me over time; but so many times even today, I feel ill-equipped.

It's funny, because I'm the first one to tell other pastors' wives to just be who God made them to be. "Love God and love people! That's all you need to do," I've said too many times to count now.

Still, sometimes that doesn't feel like enough. I wish I had taken a class to refine my people skills.

I'm not Mrs. Pastor. Never have viewed myself that way. But there are times when people come to me when they should really go to him. But for whatever reason, they feel more comfortable talking to me.

I pray hard and try to treat the situation as a friend talking to another friend. Yet, there's this nagging feeling that the other person does not see it that way...

You, too?


Friday, March 23, 2012

PW Not-So-Weekly Blog Round-Up

It's Spring in pw blog-land and new things are popping up. I'm catching up after illness and surgery myself, so this round-up will cover a little more territory than usual. But first, I'd quickly like to share some special offers I think you'll appreciate...

14251EB: Confident Heart, A: Learning to Live in the Power of God"s Promises - eBook Renee Swopes' new book, A Confident Heart: How to Stop Doubting Yourself and Find Security in Christ is available for a great limited-time price, just $2.99 on Kindle or Nook, and $ 2.39 at CBD . You may recognize Renee from the The Proverbs 31 Ministries Radio Program.

20309EB: 7-Day Doubt Diet, The: A Devotional Companion for A Confident Heart - eBook And better yet, the companion journal (The 7-Day Doubt Diet) is currently free! Find it at CBDNook, and Kindle as well.

Now on to the blogs...

We've added 3 new members to our blogging community. Please welcome Kelley at The Big Long Wait, Shanda Oakley at A Pause on the Path, and Kathy at Christian Book Mom.

I've started a list of linkies you might like to consider. These can be helpful when you want to write. They're also a great way to connect with other bloggers.

*I've also got a directory idea in the works, so please stay tuned!*

Saving Money!

Cindy has put together a great list of money-saving ideas.

A Great Cause!
This past Thursday was World Water Day, and I highlighted my favorite water ministry.

Caught in Creativity!
Heather at Catalyst Wife has begun having pinterest dates with friends. Check out her burlap carrots! This also got my wheels to turning -- a pinterest gathering as a ministry platform that could springboard into something deeper? Food for thought!

You'll also want to admire the cute cupcakes from the daughters of our Masked Sparrow.  "One thing I am learning recently is that children need to achieve something regularly," she writes.

Enjoying Spring!
Yours truly is trying to re-create spring as seen by a certain little girl a long time ago in the Big Woods of Wisconsin, while Tanya has been enjoying her azaleas, grapefruit tree blossoms, and fresh-from-the-tree lemonade

Stay Inspired!
Atypical Pastor's Wife reminds us that we are the Lord's knitting project.

If you don't follow Ann Voskamp, you really should! She has an Easter garden idea that is simply wonderful -- with pictures and instructions on how to do it yourself.

Pray Hard!
And finally, we've got some pastors' wives in need of prayer. Jill over at Our Cozy Casa and crew have felt God's leadership to move on from their current church, but their next step is not yet evident. My prayers are with you, Jill, and I hope our community will rally around them in prayer as well.

Sunday Wife's family is dealing with tragic illness in their extended family -- pancreatic cancer. Please pray for them as I know the ups and downs are taking their toll.

Let's lift these ladies and their families up...


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Connecting with Blog Link-Ups

Participating in link-up communities is another good way to connect with other bloggers. So, I'll share the ones I've found, and please share yours, too. I'll add them to the list this week.

 Most of these link-ups have little to do with being a pastor's wife, but many of them are hosted by other Christian women, and you will find pastors' wives in amongst.

Also... .a question. Do you have an idea for a weekly or monthly link-up that we could host here on this site? Or a blog hop? I have some ideas myself, but wanted to hear from you first.

Now, on to the list...

Please note: Good blogging manners require that you visit at least some of the other blogs in the link-up and encourage them with your comments. Please read the rules of each site -- some will ask that you read 2 other blogs, some may ask you to speed-read through many or all.


Just Write- write about whatever is happening around you

Write-it Girl -- (for one more week in March, but they may do something at a later date, too)

Healthy 2Day Wednesday -- Share something that will help us to remain or become more healthy. (Be sure to click over and read the guidelines.)

Pretty on Pinterest

Word-Filled Wednesday --  "WFW is about celebrating the gift of creativity through God’s Word and sharing the creative Word!"

Wordless Wednesday

21 words {or less} -- self explanatory, yes?

JamWithMeThursdays -- she provides the topic of faith to explore

I know there's a Thankful Thursday one out there,
but I think maybe there are several.
Which one do you participate in?

Faith-Filled Friday --
"link up your thoughts on God, devotionals, ministry as well as art, baking, photography, parenting, marriage and more if they tie into or display the Lord somehow."

Five Minute Friday --
she provides the topic, and you just write on it for 5 minutes and hit publish

 Frugal Friday

Just for Fun Friday --
link up your favorite post of the week (any topic)

Spiritual Sundays -- 
for "anyone who wants to post a spiritual/inspirational post on their blog and wants to share it with others."

The Saturday Evening Blog Post --
1st Saturday of the month. Link your favorite post from the month before. 

Sunday --
(generally available on Saturday night) post a picture and possibly a few simple words of inspiration

Search for Link-ups
Linky Tools has a directory of user submitted link-ups.

Your turn...

please share your favorite link-ups, and also your ideas for a future pastor's wife link-up

... and thank you for sharing!

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